"fides quaerens intellectum"

St. Anselm

About Us

Catechetics Online is an open project that anyone can contribute to in order to build up a knowledge base of projects, scripture studies, retreats, ideas, and more for catechists throughout the world. The more people contribute to the website, the more useful it will be to everyone.

Our Philosophy

Catechetics Online is a completely, totally, unabashedly faithful Catholic website. It is for everyone, especially those who want to learn why being Catholic is so cool and way better than the stuff they sell in the media and our culture of death. It is also for catechists, professionals and volunteers everywhere to communicate and share their hopes, prayers, joys, and sorrows of ministry.


Catechetics Online has been around for over 10 years. We compiled a lot of information about the Catholic faith in that time, and not all of it easily transferred to content management systems when they became available and widely used (such as Word Press and Drupal). You can visit our old website that we have dubbed our “archives” with a lot of old information, texts, and more that people tell us is still useful.


The Archives